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Well, I haven't done it around a pool, but I rebuilt the back deck on my house over an old patio that had cracked and heaved. Built it out of composite, too, and haven't had any problems.

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How to Build an In-Ground Pool Deck | DoItYourself An inground pool costs a lot of money, and adding an inground pool deck will add to that cost.

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Building a deck around a pool...over concrete. They do not like to spend the $$$ to properly fill and tamp around the pool when a deck is going to be installed.

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Decks – The deck around your pool might be figured in as part of your quote. It will probably be a basic concrete deck with only a basic design. The more elaborate your design, and the materials used, will add to your pool cost to widely varying degrees.

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An inground pool typically is in a unique shape, such as oval or kidney. This makes placing a deck difficult and will require a lot of cutting of wood. Worry about full pieces of wood and not curvatures of the inground pool at this stage. You will be cutting the planks as you place them around the inground pool.

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The deck should also look like an extension of the pool instead of an add on that may look like it wasn't designed to fit in with the pool design. Aside from shrinkage and expansion, chlorine can discolour some timbers and saltwater can also be a problem on some timber decks.

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Building an above ground pool deck is fun and does not require a masters degree in architecture, just remember to use a sturdy design that is safe for children. The quickest and safest way of building a deck around pool is to use concrete pier blocks for building a floating foundation.

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There are three main layout options to choose in pool deck design. One option is a pool deck An inground pool is build up. An easy pool deck repair

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Building a pool deck is no easy feat, Above ground pool deck ideas. I`ve been around pools my whole life and, Inground swimming pool deck ideas.

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See professionally prepared estimates for concrete pool deck installation work. The Homewyse concrete pool deck installation with current building

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It's constructed entirely of pressure-treated lumber and features a 360° wraparound pool deck that's connected to a spacious 10 x 18-ft. sun deck. The 3-1/2-ft.-wide circular pool deck provides easy access to the water, while the sun deck is large enough to accommodate a table and chairs and a few chaise lounges.