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The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner

1 Mar 2016 replacing a teak deck is a massive job. To replace the decks on a 9m (30ft) boat is six weeks' work – three months for a 15m (50-footer). We are talking about many thousands of pounds and your boat out of action for a while.

Avangard Shipyards - Teak Deck Repair or Replacement

For over 15 years we have installed more than 1800 m2 of teak decks, cap-rail, teak gratings and custom interior floors to many yachts.

The Meridian Chronicles -- Removing Teak Decks - YouTube

28 May 2012 The first major project on our Passport 40 was removing the failing teak decks before they became a structural problem. Here Port Townsend shipwright Rob Par

Ready to install teakdecks ? Scandinavian Teak Deck

Welcome to Scandinavian teak deck! We manufacture teak deckings to the yacht industry and also directly to the consumer. We are situated in Ostrobothnia where boatbuilding has long traditions. Shipbuilding has been an important source 

#HowTo Refinish A Teak Deck For Your #Boat - YouTube

1 Jun 2016 an overview and step by step of how to refinish / re-seam the teak decks on your boat! a list of materials used Hands down best boat repair show there is.? . There is about 8-10 cm of teak remaining on the decks of my boat.

Sail Life - Removing the old teak deck & issues with the deck - DIY

4 Jun 2017 In this video, I remove the old teak deck aboard my 38 ft sailboat (athena). Turns out there are a few issues with the deck that I'll need to fix. *** Links

Replacing A Teak Deck - YouTube

15 aug 2011 replacing a teak deck in the cockpit of my sailboat. Using the "west system method" by gluing the deck with epoxy instead of using screwes. Used 36*12mm teak

The Last Hurdle On This Teak Deck Replacement Project - YouTube

13 Jul 2017 CHECK OUT OUR NEW FIBERGLaSS GUIDE HERE: /ycyaffxq This fairing process ended up being VERY time consuming (which is why there hasn't b

Removing Teak Decks and replacing w/ Fiberglass - SailNet Community

Can anyone give me an idea about how difficult this is? I'm looking at a Pearson Triton that needs the deck replaced. I would prefer to use fiberglass. I'm pretty good with fiberglass and painting. Just need to know the process 

Pulling The Old Teak Decks Off! - YouTube

26 Dec 2016 This video covers pulling the old teak decks off a sailboat in need of a new deck replacement, as well as the prep for making the templates to send off to Te

Cutting through teak deck to inspect and repair the inner core

19 Feb 2017 Today we take that scary step of putting a saw to our deck. teak has been removed, screws removed, tapping revealed de-lamination or rot and it is now time t

Removing the Teak Deck Part 1 - YouTube

17 Sep 2016 In this video you will see how we made the decision to remove the teak from the deck of our classic 51' Formosa In this series of videos, we will document the removal of the teak, the removal and patching of screw holes, 

Removing Teak Decks - YouTube

12 Mar 2017 This is an older video of removing our teak deck. at this point (March 2017) the teak deck is gone, BUT we are still not done with this project. This summer (hopefully) we have to replace the chainplates, then we will finish 

Teak Deck Replacement - Berthon Boat Co. - YouTube

27 Feb 2015 Berthon Boat Company - replacing two teak decks. Two X-Yachts having their teak deck replaced by Berthon Boat Company, Lymington, showing the process that is

How do I replace my teak deck's plugs? - Sailing Magazine

1 Feb 2013 Dear Boat Doctor, I am having problems with the teak deck on my Baba 40. The deck isn't leaking but I am losing the plugs that cover the screws. Some of the plugs are out, others are loose. How can I keep from losing them 

Swan 56 complete teak deck replacement - Hamble Yacht Services

Need new teak decking, a repair or full restoration? Look no further than the Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair (HYS RR) team based in Hamble. With decades of experience working on teak decks, the team have the specialist skills 

current cost estimate for replacing teak deck with nonskid

i need to estimate the cost of replacing the glued teak deck of a 50 foot Grand Soleil 1997. i am in southern california . i think the deck underneath the teak is ok, but will have it imaged to make.

Replacing Teak Decks is a Monumental Job Cruising World

13 Feb 2018 There's a lot of work required to remove old teak deck and replace it with a new core and fiberglass.

Remove and Replace teak deck with Fiberglass - 49' Grand Banks

after investigating cost of new teak, as well as synthetic deck material, the decision was made to remove the old teak, repair underlayment as required, prime and paint deck with Dupont MS 600, and a polymeric non skid compound. deck 

Replacing a Teak Deck - Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community

But the teak decks are in their last days and that's probably why this boat hasn't sold. The broker thought so. The big questions are what exactly is involved in replacing a teak deck? - Can you do it in small sections? Even if it 

Part 2 Teak Deck Removal Fiberglass Prep and Wet Core Removal

28 Jul 2016 after removing the teak, grinding off the adhesive and cutting out the wet section of Core. We are prepping the deck for Glass and Epoxy.

Replacing the Teak – Regina Sailing – Cruising in Safety, Comfort

Before approximately 1987, Hallberg-Rassy used to lay the teak in silicone. This material kept the deck free from leakage but it was not a particularly good glue. Hence, old decks were more held in place by the many screws than by the