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Deterioration of Concrete Bridge Decks and Review of the WSDOT

30 Sep 1982 Highway Administration, study title "Evaluation of WSDOT Concrete bridge deck be the most promising approach, short of removal of all chloride-contaminated con-. Crete, that will stop active corrosion of steel in bridge decks. Information evolving from the Study also pointed to waterproofing membrane and AC overlay as a . This information would be a strong tool for manage-.

Bridge Special Provisions - MoDOT

Utility Resources . The bridge Special Provisions, published by the State bridge Office, may be used by MoDOT's internal staff, as well as consultants, and may Surface Sealing Low Slump Concrete Pavement and bridge Surface removal and Texturing. Slurry and Residue Produced During Surface Treatment of PCCP and bridge decks JSP-06-05 (See MoDOT internet Job Special Provisions Site).

ELIMINATOR? bridge deck waterproofing solution GCP Applied

The world's first cold, spray applied bridge deck waterproofing system, the ELIMINATOR? product revolutionized the waterproofing industry. Airless spray equipment has been specifically developed to dispense, mix and apply the product to 

B343 Preformed and Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

19 Jun 2014 The waterproofing systems covered by this Specification are intended for use on concrete bridge decks with an asphalt wearing surface overlay. It is particularly suitable for the following cases: ? Membrane installation is to be 

Hydron Industrial and MCL Group removing various coatings from

13 Oct 2017 Hydron Industrial in co-operation with MCL Group utilising the RPR 1650 Coating removal system for removing membrane and Flintag type Anti Skid coating from steel sections on the Forth Road bridge, Scotland, UK.

Durability assessment of concrete bridge deck considering

The effect of waterproof membrane and steel reinforcement protection on the concrete bridge deck is modeled. The transient finite element model serves to solve Fick's second diffusion law using the computer tool compatible with the Matlab environment. Many structures require premature repairs, rehabilitation or replacement as a result of defects caused by e.g. the effect of environment as well as 

Protocols for Concrete Bridge Deck Protections and Treatments

12 Dec 2016 penetrant sealers, crack sealing, thin overlay, concrete overlay, deck replacement, etc.) and the transition C. Development of PowerPoint presentation to serve as a training tool for WisDOT bridge. Maintenance, bridge Asset 

FHWA Bridge Preservation Guide - Federal Highway Administration

policies are used to ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of its bridge. Component. Drains, Repair/Replace. deck. Joint Seal Replacement. deck. Joint Repair/Replace/Elimination. deck deck. deck Overlays (thin polymer epoxy, asphalt with waterproof membrane, rigid overlays) deck.

Watford Bridge Waterproofing and Expansion Joint Replacement

10 Jul 2016 .6. All areas to receive new bridge deck joints and waterproofing shall be inspected by the. Engineer and repaired as necessary with an approved high strength concrete repair mortar. Steel fixings for the existing joint 

Concrete Expansion Joints Part 1-Remove Old Sealant - by Home

6 Mar 2013 This video shares how to remove old sealant that's between concrete expansion joints. This needs to be done before adding new sealant. For a complete list of

Protecto Wrap Company M-400A Bridge Deck Waterproofing System

M-400A is a 70 mil, internally reinforced sheet waterproofing membrane for use on bridge deck structures. There is no paper backing to remove. remove existing primer, but be certain area is clean and dry, free from dust and dirt. D. Curing 

Bridge deck waterproofing - Waterseal

bridge deck waterproofing - Waterseal Crop tool (polaroid) removal of existing waterproofing systems and surface preparation by captive blasting are other services that we offer; again working to a total package concept popular with 

Special Projects GPL Civil Engineering Ltd

1<sup>st</sup> Phase works were carried out below the bridge deck to bridge abutments and bearings adjacent to a live and busy The most challenging aspect of the deck level works involved the removal and replacement of the bridge deck waterproof&nbsp;

Transport and Main Roads Specifications MRTS84A Removal of

MRTS84A removal of bridge deck Wearing Surface. July 2017 .. cover the entire investigation area b) type of existing deck waterproofing membrane, as required . A waterproofing membrane in accordance with project drawings and MRTS84 deck Wearing Surface shall be installed of bridge deck. The Contractor shall not cause damage to concrete medians or kerbs, manholes, gully grates, utility.

Eliminator - Deck Waterproofing Bridge Deck Waterproofing System

Eliminator is an advanced bridge deck waterproofing system with an unparalleled track record that will outlast your structure and provide you with reduced maintenance costs. How do you carry out essential maintenance work, including bridge&nbsp;


12 Aug 2007 Rev 1. 1. Introduction. Highways Agency (HA) requirements relating to bridge deck waterproofing and surfacing and . upper layers, and tapered areas should be trimmed to remove asphalt too thin to be sufficiently well&nbsp;

CHASE Specialty Coatings - nysdot

The following is the proper procedure to use when installing Royston bridge deck membranes. This guide will Recommended tools for Installation: 1 . A. Remove all overlay material so that the deck is free and clean for a new installation.

Bridge Deck Program Development - wsdot

bridge deck. Program Development. WARD 73.1. Final Report. August 1985. Washington State Department of Transportation. V Planning regarding concrete bridge deck deterioration. Included is . cond class of bridge decks has been mainly limited to removing tool with which the Department could develop a cost effective bridge . tion of waterproofing Membrane Protective Systems for Concrete.

Bridge Membrane Installation Guide - Chase Corporation

Royston bridge deck Membrane Installation Guide Recommended tools for Installation: 1. . Remove the release liner from the Heat Sealing is the process of using a propane torch to seal the termination of a sheet of membrane either.

Dekscape waterproofing traffic coating membrane removal - YouTube

26 May 2016 Were are removing a 65 mils waterproofing membrane off of a 200000 sq' parking garage. Using a SASE Hurrican, STI Prep master and Blastrac 15DS shot blaster.

Decks & Joints - TSP2 Bridge PreservationTSP2 Bridge Preservation

waterproofing Membranes for Concrete bridge decks and Tunnel Linings web page features everything from PowerPoint presentations and research reports to a tool selection matrix and fact sheets. The riding surface placed in 1967 was an epoxy-modified asphalt concrete (EAC), and was now in need of replacement.

712 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Concrete - MDOT Wiki

8 Dec 2015 3.1.1 Saw Cutting; 3.1.2 Hand Chipping; 3.1.3 Patch Preperation; 3.1.4 SSPC-SP3 Power tool Cleaning Rehabilitation of bridge concrete includes deck removal, deck patching, post-installed adhesive and mechanical anchors, mechanical reinforcement splicing, rigid overlays, epoxy overlays, substructure patching, joint repair or replacement, crack sealing, crack injection, grouting,&nbsp;